Elite Omega Panels

Quick Overview

Strong yet stylish fence panel made with a Lattice/trellis top to give an added dimension to the panel and allow some extra light to come through the panel.
The Elite European Style products all come with a very contemporary style and feel to them, they are all made with extreme attention to detail in there finish.

Sizing Guide

How we size this product

The height of these panels is measured different to anywhere else that sells these. We measure this product from the bottom of the panel to the shoulder. For example: The 900mm high panel will be 900mm at the shoulder plus extra 200mm on top for the arch.

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Available Sizes...

This product is available in these sizes

Size SKU Code Price Inc VAT Price Excl VAT
1800mm x 600mm (6ft x 2ft) EOP2 £40.00 incl VAT £33.33 excl VAT
1800mm x 900mm (6ft x 3ft) EOP3 £47.50 incl VAT £39.58 excl VAT
1800mm x 1200mm (6ft x 4ft) EOP4 £55.00 incl VAT £45.83 excl VAT
1800mm x 1500mm (6ft x 5ft) EOP5 £60.00 incl VAT £50.00 excl VAT
1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft) EOP6 £63.00 incl VAT £52.50 excl VAT