Birdsmouth Post

Quick Overview

Fully Pressure Treated Timber
100mm x 100mm Birdsmouth Timber Posts. The post comes with a Birdsmouth groove on the top for a 4x4 post to lay inside the groove.
This post comes in a few lengths. Normally there is 300mm (1ft) buried in the ground and the rest above. You can also buy the metal straps
to secure the top post with.

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Available Sizes...

This product is available in these sizes

Size SKU Code Price Inc VAT Price Excl VAT
100mm x 600mm (2ft) BPOST2 £7.00 incl VAT £5.83 excl VAT
100mm x 900mm (3ft) BPOST3 £8.50 incl VAT £7.08 excl VAT
100mm x 1200mm (4ft) BPOST4 £10.00 incl VAT £8.33 excl VAT
100mm x 1500mm (5ft) BPOST5 £12.00 incl VAT £10.00 excl VAT