Standard Concave Trellis

Quick Overview

All of our Trellis is hand made on site by ourselves. All the wood used come fully pressure treated for a longer life span

Hole size is approx 120mm x 120mm
The smaller Trellis panels can be used as fence toppers to give you that little bit of extra privacy. The larger panels are great for garden particiansor to be used to allow plants or bushes to grow up and over

Sizing Guide

How we size this product

Concave Trellis is measured from the bottom to the top edge of the panel.

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Available Sizes...

This product is available in these sizes

Size SKU Code Price Inc VAT Price Excl VAT
1830mm x 300mm (6ft x 1ft) SCT1 £21.00 incl VAT £17.50 excl VAT
1830mm x 600mm (6ft x 2ft) SCT2 £24.00 incl VAT £20.00 excl VAT
1830mm x 900mm (6ft x 3ft) SCT3 £28.00 incl VAT £23.33 excl VAT
1830mm x 1200mm (6ft x 4ft) SCT4 £32.00 incl VAT £26.67 excl VAT
1830mm x 1500mm (6ft x 5ft) SCT5 £37.00 incl VAT £30.83 excl VAT
1830mm x 1830mm (6ft x 6ft) SCT6 £40.00 incl VAT £33.33 excl VAT